Appointments are normally scheduled 3 days out to allow me time to prepare any tools, such as Crystal Grids, as needed. Distance Reiki can be scheduled at any time of day as we both connect energetically. Sometimes it’s good to schedule your distance healing around bedtime, helping you to relax and be undisturbed. If you need Same Day Reiki, please let me know and I will do what I can.

Distance Reiki can be channeled to you during any part of your day, you really don’t have to stop what you are doing. Clients often have me send a little calming energy during stressful meetings, exams and medical procedures.

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS – Distance sessions only, at the moment and for the foreseeable future. These sessions become more effective, the more we have connected.

To book your healing: I use Etsy as it is a known provider of secure purchases and feedback.

A purchase of a time slot will include you in a distance Reiki healing session, I activate your personal crystal grid and then I use a surrogate form [Bod] to place the crystals over the relevant Chakras and channel to you.
Reiki works in a way that I can’t guarantee it will go to a certain place or problem that you’re suffering with, it goes where it feels its needed most. It works by healing your whole self and allowing your energies to flow unhampered.
I am able to change the forms of Reiki that I use to allow for your needs.
If you would like Same Day Reiki, please message me to have a quicker activation. It does take time to build your grid, so a little heads up will help me tremendously.
Make sure you will have time allotted to receive the energies, you can sometimes feel a little tired after a full session.

Benefits of Reiki:
-Reduces depression and anxiety
-Clears energy blocks.
-Improves sleep.
-Eases pain.
-Balances energy centers (chakras)
-Promotes health and well being.
-Aids in life purpose discovery.
-Helps build resilience to stress.
-Clears emotional blocks
-Relieves pain and discomfort
-Releases toxins and aids in digestion
-Strengthens immune system
-Awakens intuition and self awareness
-Helps the recipient relax deeply.

Legal Requirements of all Reiki services:
LEGAL DISCLAIMER Information provided by the practitioner is not to be substituted for professional, legal and/or medical advice. No guarantees are offered.