International Reiki Association

Proud member of the International Reiki Association.

For my students and anyone else that is a certified practitioner: To receive membership at a 40% discount enter code THANKYOU at checkout. Click here to join.

IRO also provides a discounted insurance program for practitioners, once you have registered.

The International Reiki Organization is committed to being a powerful space where your worries and needs are addressed, so you can finally:

  • Walk through life excited about your personal Reiki practice, because you’re surrounded by healers just like you who are ready to share their wisdom and learnings.
  • Grow your Reiki practice with confidence, because your business is internationally recognized and you have the certification that honors your training.
  • Feel secure in your skills and abilities as a practitionerbecause you have access to expert advice and affordable online courses that are constantly updated to address your evolving needs.
  • Attract more clients into your business,because you have a platform where you can promote your Reiki business and establish your expertise in your community.
  • Watch your business or personal Reiki practice grow exponentially,because you’ve harnessed the tools of self-care you need to restore your energy and continue growing.
  • Be supported by your Reiki Community – Join today!