Services offered

  • Reiki Mind/Body Balancing [Distance]
  • Reiki Mind/Body Balancing in Person. 
  • Animal Reiki [Distance]
  • Animal Reiki Mind/Body Balancing in Person
  • Distance Crystal Reiki healing – using Crystal Power Grids
  • 28 day Distance Cleansing
  • Karuna Ki Energy Sweeping
  • Seheki Churyo Ho – Habit Treatment
  • Space Energy Cleansing and Attunement.
  • Self Awareness Attunement
  • Successful Learning Attunement
  • Marriage and Event Attunement
  • Pregnancy and Connecting with the Child Attunement
  • Career Success Attunement

Book a Mind/Body Balancing session for you or for your pet.

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